Wish your fans and earn money!

Shoutouts is a free app that helps you create videos for your fans, all the while making money and having fun!

Why Shoutouts?

🤑 Keep 80% of the money and get paid in 72 hours!
💪🏽 Set your own price!
📹 Just put 15-30 seconds of your time per video!

How it works?

Setup your shoutouts profile.

Download the shoutouts infleuncers app and share your shoutouts profile with your fans

Encourage your fans to make requests

Your fans can visit your profile and request birthday, wedding and countless other wishes for their friends and family!

*Influencers set their own price per video.

Respond with a 15 to 30 second video

Delight your fans with a video wishing them and earn money

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